4 Reasons Learning Stick Shift Lessons Is Today’s Safe Driving Needs

“Why should I consider learning to drive a stick shift?” It’s a fair question which many minds will have. After all, you’re thinking that you already how to drive safely, then why seeking stick shift lessons has been given so focus while accompanied it with “today’s safe driving needs”. Well, it’s just because today majority of vehicles on the road are automatic, and less than 3% of new cars or any other vehicles are made with manual transmission.

That percentage revealing today’s statistic regarding automatic and manual version of the car. After all, for many automatic transmission reduce their complication for shifting gears. But learning how to drive stick shift from a reputed Manhattan Beach driving school is much easier than the rumors spread about its complication. When it is about safe driving, there should be no space for any shortcuts. However, the automatic transmission is today’s modern world innovation, equipped with all-advanced features- especially the automatic shifting of gears as you speed up or slow down.

But still there’re some compelling reasons to learn stick skills; and once you do, you may never want to go back. Here’s why:

Be able to drive any vehicle

It is a fact that one who has learned the stick shift driving lesson will be an all-rounder driver. Drivers who have learned stick shift driving can drive just any sort of vehicle- be it manual or transmission cars, trucks and high-end vehicles around the world. Isn’t a great way to drive just about anything!

“Manual-mindset” driver will become more responsible

Since, you’re not going to drive an automatic, where you have to depend on the car to automatically change the gear as and when you need. As a manual driver, you’ll automatically take charge of your car, driving, road conditions, vehicle speeds and more. The more you become responsible, the more skilled you’ll become in driving.

Most of the classic or high-end vehicles still need stick shift skills

If you love to drive vintage, classic or high-end vehicles, then learning stick drive from a well-known driving school is vital. Often many high-end luxury vehicles are available as manual transmission vehicles because manuals give drivers a chance to ‘experience the road’ on their own.

Have a greater understanding of car function

With automatic, you may not grow your understanding of the vehicle moving parts, gears, and other car function. But with a manual stick shift, your knowledge will expand since it’s you who is controlling the vehicle shifting manually. This is why it is known as a manual.

Learning a stick shift will be a plus. If you want to learn to drive safely, then you should go with a reputed driving school stick lessons.