Google Reviews
All the instructors are nice, approachable, and positive but are good at drilling the rules of the road in your head. I had Luis and Tracey and they were excellent. And i passed my test first try with only 3 errors so they definitely are an effective school.
Jake Potter
South Bay Driving School is extremely supportive and helpful. Their staff is one of the best in the South Bay and made my experience well worth it. Truthfully, I was a really terrible driver before visiting this school. Theresa taught me skills to become a better driver and to ace my driving test. I feel like a completely new driver on the road, from making new habits to destroying old ones. I highly recommend this school to anyone looking for help and insight for the DMV’s drivers test.
Blake Yarak
I had teresa as my instructor and honestly she was the best! I had a different imstructor before from a different driving school and he didn’t tell me what I was doing wrong and barley paid any attention while i was driving. On the other hand Teresa told me exaclty what i need to practice and while i was driving she would point out the mistakes so next time I won’t do it again. She told me when I should take the test and I did that and I passed on my first try with her as my instructor. She is just awesome (:
Manal Rehman
Had Teresa out today and forgot how wonderful she is!! She worked with my oldest daughter and now again with the youngest. She is patient, funny, kind and professional!! Worked really hard to have #1 daughter pass the test . . . and she did first time out!! She’s been driving for 18 months now without a ticket or an accident. Definitely a tribute to the great teacher she had.
Hannah Karpin
Teresa was amazing. She really made it a positive experience and she helped me out a lot definately recommend her!!!!
yvonne peralta
Yelp Reviews
I went to Driving school today 2~4 pm and my instructor was Alfred and he is so nice and he taught me so much stuff and it was helpful. This driving school is best driving school in CA. So awesome!! Thanks Alfred!!
John L.
Tonight I saw one of their cars parked for 15 minutes in front of a fire hydrant with his hazard lights on (like that makes it okay). Funny enough, but then I see him make a u-turn across a double yellow in front of another car, guy’s on his cell phone, he makes another cross through a double yellow with his hazard lights still going full tilt. Beautiful irony, with the “driving school” signs all over it eh? Apparently not the best source of driving best practices.
Thomas K.
I’ve used this company twice now for my two daughters. Over all good experiences, and they get the job done. One daughter did not like one of her her driving instructors, and thought she was not paying attention to her or teaching her anything. Second daughter seems pleased, just had her first lesson yesterday. I met the instructor, he was very nice!
Susan R.
South Bay Driving School is the best. My daughter took lessons with the school. Her main instructor was Alford. All I can say is Alford is the best! My daughter was very nervous and not confident about driving. Alford built up her confidence and made her feel so comfortable behind the wheel. She was well prepared for her driving test and today she’s an excellent driver. Additionally, I had an instructor from the school take my daughter to the DMV to take her driver’s exam. I felt she would be less nervous….and, it worked out great. Thank you South Bay Driving School!!
Linda P.


The driving school was a good experience for me to learn the importance of driving. But after taking the 3 driving lessons, i had driven with this one instructor twice, and her name was Holly. I felt that she was toooo distracting when it comes to her teaching me and other people how to drive, she constantly asked questions, starting unnecessary conversations, she even said i was doing too many mistakes yet she was making me feel agitated with her on the phone calling the radio station for weird al’ tickets, yep. Though she was a cool person to talk to but i felt that she was being a little distracting.
Arturo S.