Driver's Education and Training Packages - TEENS under 17.5

Online Driver's Education Course -
30 hours Required Education Course, On line
11 Chapters on many topics to help a TEEN pass the
Written Test at the DMV. Done at your own pace, on your computer Or phone.
To Register for the Online Driver's Education Course go to
www.southbaydriving.com, HOME PAGE at the bottom, there is a
registration button there.
Integrated Online Driver's Education and Training -
Driver’s Education Online Required Course and the
6 hrs of Driver’s Training in a package at a discount.
We will pick up and drop off, home or school. It is available
7 days a week. Lessons are private.
Six Hours Driver's Training -
The 6 hrs. Of Driver’s Training done in
three days, two hours each day. We will pick up and drop
off at home or school. It is available 7 days a week. Lessons are private.
Additional 2 hrs Automatic Lesson after Driver's Training -
This is for TEENS who have already finished the 6 hrs of
Required Driver’s Training with us and want to take a lesson or more, extra, at a discount for our returning students. Also available 7 days a week, pick up or drop of at home or school.
10 hrs Driving Lessons for a TEEN (includes Driver's Training )
This package includes the Driver’s Training Required 6 hrs course with
Two EXTRA lessons. Lessons are private, pick up and drop off available from home or school.
10 Hrs Driving Lessons PLUS Online Driver’s Education for a Teen (includes Driver’s Training)
This package includes Driver’s Education, 30 hrs Required Course and
Driver’s Training, 6 hrs required course PLUS Two EXTRA lessons. The lessons are available 7 days a week with pick up and drop off from home or school.

Adult Driving Lesson Packages - Over 18 yrs.

One, 2hr. Adult lesson -
This is one lesson of basic skills for a beginner.
Test prep for a test taker.
Brush up or freeway, for an experienced driver.
We will pick up and drop off at home, work or school.
A private lesson, available 7 days a week.
Three, 2hr. Adult Lessons -
This package is great for a driver with some experience.
If you are trying to get ready for a drive test or improve on your skills
This is a great package of private lessons. Pick up at home, school or work, 7 days a week.
Six, 2hr. Adult Lessons -
If you need a little extra time driving and haven’t got anyone to
practice with this is a great package. Pick up at home, school or work. Available 7 days a week, all lessons are private.
Nine, 2 hr Adult Lessons -
If you have no one to practice with and you are starting from the beginning, this is the best package to get. We will pick you up and drop you off at home, school or work and we are available 7 days a week.

DMV Drive Test Service - TEENS and ADULTS

DMV Drive Test Service 2.5hrs -
You can use our car to take a Drive Test in at the DMV.
We will pick you up 1 hr before the test appointment. About 10 mins.
Before your appointment we will get you in line to check in.
Once in line to wait for the test you will have about 1.5hrs from DMV line to end of the test. If the time goes longer due to the DMV personnel issues, there may be a fee of $48 extra for ½ hr. or $96 fee for 1 hr extra.


When paying for packages of more than one lesson, payment is due on or before the first lesson unless other arrangements have been made with the school office.

Otherwise, you will be charged a non-package rate of one lesson at a time, which is a higher rate.

There is a $20.00 charge for each returned check or unpaid/overdue balance.

When requesting Standard Transmission (Stick Shift) Lessons, be aware that you will not be taught basic driving skills. You should already know how to operate a vehicle. Basic skills can be taught on an automatic transmission vehicle before continuing to the standard transmission vehicle.

All cancellations must be confirmed with the office by 2PM the day before any scheduled lesson, or a $50 cancellation fee will be charged.

Each lesson is two hours long. We may call in advance to see if you are ready as early as 10 minutes before the start of the lesson. Teens are required to complete one, two-hour lesson before they practice with parents.

At certain times of the year, our schedule will fill two months in advance – be sure to call well in advance of your desired lesson and don’t wait until the last minute to schedule. We can call and remind you of the lesson at your request.

Do you have any questions? Please feel free to Contact Us.