Manhattan Beach Driving School

Finding the best driving school in Manhattan Beach is the goal for parents of teenage drivers and adults learning how to drive. South Bay Driving School has been serving the city of Manhattan Beach for close to 28 years. From major historic streets like Manhattan Beach Blvd., Marine Ave., N. Ardmore Ave. to Highland Ave. South Bay Driving School will pick up at your home or at a pick up spot at the Manhattan Beach Village Mall near the Macy’s entrance.

Manhattan Beach driving school courses have been teaching new students how to drive safely. You can count on Manhattan Beach Driver’s Training to use the most advanced techniques to teach students from Mira Costa High School how to drive safely and defensively. The Driver’s Training 6 hrs required course is taught in three days, two hours each day. The first lesson is basic driving instruction made to introduce the beginner to basic skills. Driving on residential streets to learn lane control and left and right turns at stop signs. Once they are confident, they may move into driving the city streets. They will work on speed control and spotting important signs and signals. Lane changes and left and right turns are usually the next step. Driver’s Training is a basic driving course for most drivers. Some students may have some experience so they may begin the first lesson being evaluated on the skills they know. If they have developed any habits that are unsafe, the instructor will work on correcting anything they can. The three lessons the teen must finish can be taken close together if the parents are unsure about how to proceed. Many parents will take over the practice and do 25hrs of the 50 hrs expected before having the teen take their second lesson. During the second required lesson the instructor will continue teaching the teen any new skills their parents have not started (for example, parking in lots, roads with higher speed limits, difficult areas to maneuver) and working on perfecting the skills they have been using and making sure they are driving defensively. The third lesson is good to take before the drive test if they can wait the 6 months they must hold a permit. The instructor can evaluate their skills to make sure they are test ready. They will get a moc test and see what kinds of things they will be scored on. If they have time they can use the time to do some driving skills that are not included on the drive test like parallel parking. Parallel parking is time consuming so if there is time the instructor may be able to show the teen the important steps to parking parallel to a curb between two vehicles. Freeway driving is not on the drive test so it generally isn’t covered unless a student has completed the 50 hrs of driving with their parents and are test ready. Even then, freeway driving is a skill best taught once a student has a driver’s license and has been driving independently and gotten sufficient experience.

South Bay Driving School has been teaching adults with pick ups from such notable landmarks like the Pier, the Galleria on PCH, anywhere south of El Segundo and north of Hermosa Beach, Manhattan City Hall and the Manhattan Beach Library on Highland Ave. South Bay Driving School is the most trusted Manhattan Beach driving school. If an adult need to get ready for the test and they have been driving regularly with their family or friends, one 2 hour lesson may be all they need to review the drive test and make sure they are ready to pass. Adults who need a little more practice, but have done some driving, a package of three lessons as a great beginning. It will give them confidence, as well as giving the person who practices with them confidence in the skills they need to drive safely. A larger package of lessons will give a beginner with no experience more time behind the wheel. If they have no one to practice with, then, the larger packages would be much more helpful. Once they have taken enough lessons and done more practice with friends or family, they may be ready to take a drive test. If they have a vehicle with current registration and insurance coverage they can take their own vehicle to the DMV. If they don’t have a vehicle, South Bay Driving School offers a Drive Test Service. One hour before the drive test appointment they will be picked up to warm up and go over some of the skills required on the drive test. They will go to the DMV about 10-15 minutes before the appointment to check in. Once they have checked in they will get in line and wait for an examiner to come and administer the drive test. Once the test is completed the instructor will drive the student home. There is a set amount of time, 1hour 30 mins., we allow for waiting in line, testing and getting home. if it goes longer than the time set there is an extra charge.

The Services offered in Manhattan Beach are the best in town. The advantage for Manhattan Beach driver’s training is a proper instruction with experienced instructors. We have the best Driver’s Training Instruction Vehicles around.

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