Remember These Basic Guidelines as Provided by Torrance driving school

Torrance driving school

Many schools like Torrance driving school, have taken the level of instruction in driving to a much higher level. These schools have introduced defensive driving, refresher courses and lessons on manual transmission vehicles. Safety is the main focus when instructing new students, as well as, students that have some prior experience behind the wheel. Here are some guidelines that a driver should follow for their own safety and those around them:

A driver must always wear a seat belt whenever they are driving. They also want to make sure their passengers are wearing their safety belts as well. The instructors at Redondo Beach driving school will make sure that a student driver is aware of the importance of safety belts.

A driver must not use their cell phones when driving. It is best to keep all distractions away while driving. A driver’s license is a major responsibility and should not be taken lightly. The instructors at any driving school in San Pedro should advise their students on the importance of their full attention on the road.

A driver must be extra careful when driving near schools and hospitals. A driver should also keep a safe distance from school buses. They make many stops to pick up and drop off students. Also, remember to pull over to the right and stop whenever there is an emergency vehicle. If you are in an intersection when a emergency vehicle is approaching safely go through the intersection and then pull over to the right and stop your vehicle.

Be careful of your speed: Speeding can lead to a ticket or accident. By driving too fast you are not only putting yourself and your passengers at risk but also those around you.