Easiest Way to Take a Command over Stick Shift Lessons

Why would you need to learn manual when the majority of the cars on the road are automatic?Does it make sense to learn stick shift and take lessons from an experienced stick shift instructor at South Bay Driving School Hermosa Beach? Does it matter if you have plans to buy an automatic car? There may come a time in your life when you will need to drive a manual transmission car. Also,it is possible that learning stick shift from a professional instructor at South Bay Driving School in Torrance CA can help you polish your driving skills and improve your knowledge on how to handle a car in different situations.

learn stick shift lessons

Best way to learn stick shift with no confusion of gears

To drive a manual, you’ll first need to get into the basics and know the functions of clutch, brakes, accelerator, changing gears, and getting enough practice. If you have the right instructor to guide you learning this new skill is possible. If you want to learn stick shift, the following guidelines of Hermosa Beach driving school can help you in your first few attempts to learn manual shift.

Understand the role of different pedals

While seated in the driving seat, you can see three pedals at your feet-
• The left most pedal is the clutch
• The middle pedal is the brake, to stop your car
• The right pedal is the accelerator, to speed up

Understand the gear shifter

The gear shift is located just right of the driver. It is used to change the gears manually.
First gear is located at the top left corner and the remaining gear you can see will rotate from top to bottom, left to right sequentially. When you take lessons with South Bay Driving School in Torrance CA, you can get practical lessons on how to use the clutch and gear shift. This is an important part of driving a manual transmission ca.

With taking the lessons for the stick shift with South Bay Driving School in Torrance CA and getting plenty of practice, you will be an expert stick shift driver in no time.