Good Driving Habits Comes When You Learn From Skilled Instructor Of Manhattan Beach Driving School

Only a few can claim accurate perfection when it comes to our driving behavior behind the wheel. Sitting on a driver seat holds a big responsibility to avoid accidents and follow every safety guidelines. You all know the basics of driving, but are you aware of technical driving? Probably not, because many of you don’t consider it’s so important to learn. According to the survey, most of the accidents happen to those who haven’t taken training from Manhattan Beach driving school and learn it from their own, or relative and friend.

Once you receive your driving license it doesn’t mean you’re ready to drive on the road. There’s always a room for more professional improvement which you only get to learn from the driving school. In this post, we’ll discuss the best good driving habits of experienced drivers that you learn from school:

  • Basic car knowledge

It is included in the good habit of any driver that he or she should be aware of the basic knowledge of the vehicle they’re operating. This doesn’t mean enrolling in any mechanical course, but a sound knowledge of the vehicle and driving stick shift lessons in-builds good-habits in the driving skills. In the first session, the driving instructor of the school will guide you about the vehicle parts and their function as well as their uses, so you will get familiar with the vehicle.

  • Keep your hands on the wheel

There are many of you who still hold the steering according to the past guidelines, i.e. in between 10 and 2 positions on the clock. It is only the skilled driving instructor who can update you with the latest driving guidelines. Like, now you are supposed to keep your hands either 9 and 3 positions on the clock or 8 and 4 whichever suits your regular driving habits.

  • Handle tough driving situation like a professional

To the most, you are aware of the basic driving technique on the busy road or highway, but what, if you have to in extreme snowfall or at dark night? Or do you know how to safely pass a car on a two-lane road? Probably not, because these are the situation which even an experienced driver frightened. But you don’t need to be because in your driving you’ll be guided for any uncertain driving circumstances.

These are the best driving habits which you’ll get from driving school instructors. Always remember that experience comes with time and practice, but safe driving habits always come from a professional.