Quiz One


If your cell phone rings while you are driving, you should **this question is for teens only**

A. Answer it if you have a hands-free device
B. Let the call go to voice mail
C. Answer it if the call is from your parents


Smoking inside a vehicle when a person younger than 18 years of age is present is:

A. Legal, if it is your child
B. Illegal at all times
C. Not restricted by law


What is the common factor in the traffic deaths of teen-age drivers?

A. Their need to push themselves and their cars to the limit
B. Slow reflexes
C. Fear of taking risks
D. Lack of driving skills


If you see warning hazard lights on a moving passenger vehicle, it means:

A. Turn your car around and drive in the opposite direction
B. Pull to the right shoulder and stop
C. There may be a hazard or collision ahead


You should allow an extra cushion of space between you and the car ahead when:

A. The driver behind you wants to pass
B. You are crowded by a tailgater
C. Both of the above


What happens if you hold a provisional license and you are convicted three times for speeding?

A. You will be required to drive supervised by a licensed adult driver
B. You will be sent a warning letter
C. Your driving privilege will be suspended
D. Your parents will cancel your license


The person who signs for your driver license is:

A. Responsible for accidents you may have
B. Only responsible for you if you are driving cars registered to them
C. Legally responsible for any accidents you may have that cause injury or damage to property


It is against the law to change the muffler on your car to:

A. Increase noise
B. Direct exhaust fumes to the rear
C. Make it gas tight


If you are passing a school and see children near the street, your speed should be

A. 30 mph
B. 20 mph
C. 25 mph
D. 15 mph


You are approaching an intersection. The handbook recommends that you look:

A. Left, right, left and right again before pulling out
B. Straight ahead and to the left before pulling out
C. Left, right, and left again before pulling out


Collisions are more likely to happen:

A. When one driver is going faster or slower than other drivers on the road
B. On bridges and overpasses
C. On multi-laned freeways
D. On city streets during rush hour


The speed limit in a business district is _____ unless otherwise posted.

A. 25 mph
B. 20 mph
C. 30 mph


What is a safety zone?

A. An empty lane next to the freeway dividers
B. The median strip on a divided highway
C. A space set aside for pedestrians


If you are the first person to stop to give assistance at an accident scene, you should drive to the side of the road:

A. After you have passed the accident scene
B. Before you reach the accident scene
C. Next to the accident scene.


If you are convicted of defacing property by using paint or another liquid, the court may delay your driving privilege for _________ months.

A. 6
B. 18
C. 12


Which of these statements is true about light rail vehicles?

A. Light rail vehicles do not have the same responsibilities as other vehicles on public roads.
B. You must always pass a light rail vehicle on the right
C. Light rail vehicles can preempt traffic signals


You reach the intersection at the same time as the driver on your left. Who goes first?

A. The driver on your left goes first
B. You go first
C. Whoever is signaling to make the turn


Avoid skidding on a slippery surface by:

A. Shifting to a lower gear after you start down a steep hill
B. Following in the tracks of the vehicle in front of you
C. Slowing down as you approach curves and intersections.


You may be fined up to $_____ and have your driver’s license suspended for one year if you fail to stop when a school bus is stopped and is flashing red lights

A. $500
B. $1000
C. $1,500


When can you merge into a bike lane for a right turn?

A. Under no circumstances
B. No more than 200 feet before turning
C. No more than 100 feet before turning


The “Implied Consent Law” means you have given your consent

A. To the inspection of your vehicle for alcohol
B. To be tested for alcohol in your blood
C. For a field sobriety test


The intersection has a stop sign. Where should you stop first?

A. Out far enough to see cross traffic
B. At the crosswalk
C. After the crosswalk


If you see a vehicle coming from the left at an intersection without signs or signals, you should:

A. Prepare to stop and yield the right-of-way if necessary
B. Continue at the same speed since you have the right of way
C. Move as far to the right as possible and maintain your speed


You are driving 55 mph on a two–lane road and want to pass the car ahead of you. To pass safely, you need a ____ gap in the oncoming traffic.

A. 5 second
B. 7 second
C. 10-12 second


Teenagers as a group have more accidents than most other drivers because:

A. They lack the skills to drive safely
B. They do not use judgment
C. They drive unsafe vehicles


  1. B
  2. B
  3. A
  4. C
  5. C
  6. C
  7. C
  8. A
  9. C
  10. C
  11. A
  12. A
  13. C
  14. A
  15. C
  16. C
  17. B
  18. C
  19. B
  20. B
  21. B
  22. B
  23. A
  24. C
  25. B