What Are The Practical Benefits Of Learning Stick Shift Lessons?

You know the best part about driving a car with an automatic transmission, its so much fun and gives you smooth-driving experiences. But the excitement of driving a stick is just exhilarating and can’t be explained in words until you experience it practically. Learning stick shift lessons to drive like a professional driver is truly an art which undergoes rigorous practical as well theoretical training of an experienced driving instructor. By mastering it driving techniques, will not just only promote your license from ‘learner’ to ‘professional’, but also build up your confidence to drive in any complicated state.

It’s a fact that if you learn an automatic, you will easily master the basics of driving in a few driving sessions. This will be easy or say short-cut approach to learn the driving but- Is it truly gives you the knowledge of real driving (involving gear shifting and many such technical driving lessons)? It is said that if you learn to drive a manual, you will eventually have better knowledge and specialization to deal with the car’s behaviour in depth. Especially, the knowledge to shifting gears and how to operate the gears in more ‘tricky’ situations truly enhances your driving skills- and it certainly can’t hurt, anyway.

Nevertheless, there are plenty of other good benefits of learning stick driving lessons from a professional driving instructor:

Gives you a better sense of control over vehicle

It is true that when you learn to drive a stick shift car, you will become more aware of the insight functions of car. This is the mere reason many drivers prefer to learn stick shift driving from renowned driving schools CA because it gives them a feeling of being in control of the vehicle. Unlike, automatic transmission sticks do not have a torque converter and for this reason, drivers are able to use the momentum of the engine to slow the vehicle down and give brake more easily as per the situation.

Offer improved gas mileage

One other great benefit of learning stick driving is its improved gas mileage which consumes 5 to 15 percent less fuel than a similar automatic car. Further, depending on road conditions and the way the driver operates as well as maintain his vehicle, a stick shift enable the drive to save more on fuel over time. Isn’t it great? This is what every vehicle owner usually desires and gets it to fulfil from manual transmissions.

Easy to maintain

After rigorous testing, it has been found that manual transmissions are easier to maintain than automatic counterparts. Generally, clutches and few other automobile parts tend to be the most common repair. But, again depending on driving style and road conditions can predict the survival period of its component.

Takeaway: Keep Practicing

It only takes your time, patience and dedication to learn the joys of stick driving from Manhattan Beach Driving School, to avail the much-added benefit and thrill of your next sedan stick shift.