Why Learning Stick Shift Lessons Is Today’s Demand For Safe Driving?

“Why should I take efforts to learn stick shift driving lessons?” it’s a fair question which majority of the fresher, as well as professional drivers, will have in their mind. Today, more than 90% of the cars on the road are made with an automatic transmission module. That big number of percentage itself indicates the reason to learn stick shift lessons of driving. After all,  an automatic transmission reduces your burden for frequently shifting gears as you speed up or slow down, so there is no harm for you if learn the stick shift driving method.

Driving a stick is a skill that you need to become a safe & professional driver. Below are some compelling reasons to master stick shift safe-driving skills; and once you have gained the proper knowledge with practice, you may never want to go back to manual mode. Here’s why:

Reduces the probability of any uncertain events

Driving is the only skill which requires focus and concentration throughout the journey. Lack of any of these two things while driving can put the life of driver at stake. Unfortunately, there is no shortage of distracting factors like mobile phones which grab the attention of the driver’s eye or the use of hands when it is behind the wheel. The fact that manual cars require more focus from shifting gears to the clutch which restricts the use of mobile phone or any other activity apart from driving that can endanger the life. While the situation is a bit safe in an automatic transmission car because everything is handled automatically in the car, so you can have fun while driving a stick shift.

Ability to drive just about anything

Drivers who get the training from the Manhattan Beach Driving School to drive manual car effortlessly drive automatic too with few driving sessions. Drivers who get the specialization to maneuver stick shift vehicles are able to drive the vast majority of cars, trucks, and high-end vehicles around the world.

Can access more control over your car

With a manual transmission, you have the complete freedom to decide how fast you want to accelerate, as opposed to letting an automatic shift vehicle do it for you. In short, with a stick shift, you have more control over your vehicle than just “moving forward”, “moving backward”, “braking” and “steering”.

Reduce car borrowing situation

There are often situations when your colleague or neighbor asks you to give the car for one day with an excuse of having an emergency. And because you don’t have any valid reason to say no, so, with a heavy heart you have to hand over your car to them. Since the majority of the drivers still don’t have the excellence to drive stick shift cars, so it will be an easy way out when you just don’t want to let someone borrow your car.

In any sense learning to drive stick shift from South Bay driving schools will benefit you anyway. It’s high time to feel safe and confident while driving a stick shift way!